SANTAS of the OC

Wanna Join Our Band Of Jolly Jents?

 Well,  if you grow & maintain your own beard  in order to portray Santa, you can join the Fraternal Order of Real Bearded Santas (FORBS)-- the 501(c)7 organization we founded in 2008 to support & serve all the noble men who know the joys & challenges of being Santa 24/7/365-- all Santas of the OC are also FORBS members in good standing  (FORBS-MIGS).

Next, you must attend three (3) Chapter meetings in a single year-- or two (2) meetings for each of three (3) consecutive years; and attending our annual Santa Reunion Luncheon does count as one of your meetings!Our SoCal Santa Luncheon (now in its 19th year) is the Santa World's oldest & most successful annual event-- it has spawned FOUR national conventions, THREE international Santa organizations, and COUNTLESS documentaries, feature films, radio & TV shows, books, articles, etc... 

Finally, you'll need two (2) SotOC members to sponsor your application-- at least one of whom must stand with you at the meeting when we vote; by joining, you'll also be subscribing to our chapter's founding principles:

SotOC Goals & Tenets

1.      We are all members in good standing of FORBS.
2.      We gather occasionally for social interaction and to enhance the spirit of Santa.
3.      We will consider other Santas of the OC for appearances we cannot accept.
4.      We are first and foremost – Santa 24/7 In Season.
5.      We strive always to spread the joy & happiness of Santa, and love for children.
6.      We pledge to help each other in the best interest of children and the community.
7.      We seek to donate a portion of our time & effort to available children’s causes.
8.      We pledge to be vigilant of our public image at all times.
9.      We respect and encourage each Santa’s individual approach to being Santa.
10.    We seek to learn new skills to enhance our ability & enjoyment of being Santa.

The chapter doesn't charge annual dues, but there is a one-time  registration processing fee of $10  (waived for FORBS Life Members).

For your convenience, fully interactive Registration Forms are available in both Adobe (.pdf) and Microsoft (.doc) formats; you may pay the processing fee using any major credit card via PayPal --please make your selections using the navigation panel at left .

If you have any further questions or problems, or if anything is malfunctioning, please CLICK HERE to let us know-- or call (949) 481-6356 for assistance.